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The state of extreme smoothness. Smooth behavior in an individual is usually demonstrated by:
- fluidic movements that may lead you to believe this person has no bones or nervous system
- the complete lack of bodily hair that allows them to avoid wind resistance and retain their cool
- the strict avoidance of any sudden outburst in emotion or reaction to situations that would normally elicit unsmooth behavior
- a self-acknowledgement that they are smoother than every one around them

Note: achieving such a level of smoothness is normally obtained through a process called “smoothing up”.
1) "Hey man, you see that Ray Allen jumpshot?
"Yeah, that was smooth"

2) "Dude, where is Ray Allen, he's been on the bench for like fifteen minutes!"
"Don't worry.. he's just smoothing up."

3) Police Officer: "Sorry Mr Allen, I'm going to have to give you a ticket, you were speeding"
Ray Allen: "That's cool"
Police Officer: "Man you're so smooth"
by TTblogger January 30, 2008
A trade completed by an NBA executive who is a former champion of the club he's trading his player(s) to. Usually Wingman Trades are massively lopsided, appearing to make one party seem like a "wingman" who completely screws himself over for the benefit of his buddy who reaps the rewards/nails the prom queen.

Recent Wingman Trades include KG to Boston, and Gasol to LA.
Lakers fan: "Dude! Did you hear? Gasol got sent to the Lakers for absolutely nothing! How the f--k did they pull that off?!"
Grizzlies fan: "Wingman Trade. F--k you"
by TTBlogger February 05, 2008

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