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a person who always must hold the remote control and is constantly flipping on the user guide to see what is on next.
"Stop flipping the channels you goddamn dish nazi".
by PhlebotomyGirl March 02, 2006
verb- Drug Seeking Behavior- commonly found in Emergency room charts for Vicodine or Oxycontin addicts. Always has back pain, is allergic to asprin and tylenol.
"The man in room two is exhibiting DSB".
by PhlebotomyGirl March 02, 2006
noun- an emergency room patient that exhibits drug seeking behavior using many different names to get vicodin or other narcotics
"We have a rebounder in chairs".
by PhlebotomyGirl March 02, 2006
the sound a cat makes when throwning up a hairball, or the body movements made while the cat is yarking up a hairball.
The cat is harking under the bed again. You clean it up
by PhlebotomyGirl March 02, 2006
A person who is not pierced.
"Check out the breeders, they are ultra-smooth"
by PhlebotomyGirl March 02, 2006
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