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Adj. Having or consisting of an overabundance of gayness. Hella gay.
"Dude, nobody can see those emotes unless they have them installed too. Thats pretty faghearty."
"Agreed; Smiley Central is hella gay."
by Alfoo October 21, 2007
Similar to 'cutting' but while cutting in line is to take a spot ahead, 'butting in' is moving someone to take that spot.
There's no chance of keeping her back when she's butting in up front for a better view.

We were gathered around for a private conversation but someone butted in and overheard the whole thing.
by Alfoo December 03, 2007
Much of these definitions may be true but one version of the word Smoot originated from a silly deviation from the word 'SMUT' which is created by replacing the 'U' with a double 'O' for use in chatrooms where the word 'smut' or 'porn' is not appropriate.
"It's pretty hard to surf the web when your bandwidth is being used for downloading smoot torrents."

"My hard drive is getting pretty full, so I guess I better burn some of these smoot videos to DVD lol!"

by Alfoo December 15, 2007

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