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doobies and smash - The act of smoking marijuana whilst playing super smash brothers on nintendo 64. becomes smoob
oi, do you wanna come round and smoob?
by leader of the smadventure June 22, 2010
adj. meaning small boobs derived from combining the two words
Gavin: yo man did you see her smoobs?
Scott: word.
by Simon Brocrotch May 25, 2009
The residue left on glasses or clothing after a topless dancer rubs against you.
I saw the whole world through her smoob until I could find a cloth to wipe off my glasses
by Ken Kerruish December 07, 2007
Side man boobs. The continuation of man boobs(moobs) around the side under your arms.
My arms hang wide because of my smoobs.
by Bozzio September 06, 2014
a smoob is a man breast that is clasified as being sexy, or saggy if you find the male very unatractive
ChloeGibson says: wow my smoobs are sore, i smashed them of the door when i ran to the fridge, owch

GemmaGilfedder says to LindsayIreland: ohh did you see that man, he was well sexy, his smoob turns me on, Ahh its getting Hawt in here:)
by Stiney WinkeyBurg August 01, 2012
Sweaty man boobs (period)lala
Holy shit look at the smoobs on that fat bastard
by Jake Thornton April 21, 2006
A small boob: when a woman has two different size boobs and someone is referring to the smaller boob.
My smoob is only a B cup
by SnappyTang December 30, 2009

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