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When ones butt cheaks are tightly pressed and flatulance is released. The resulting crevace functions as a vent upward for the rising flatulance.
"I was sittin in class and I couldn't squeeze this monster fart out, I just had to pull the old smoke stack."
by Neil Love May 16, 2005
very hot woman who sparks instant arousal upon viewing
Dude, that chick is a total smokestack.
by Skinhead April 12, 2006
The measurement of a bongs full capacity reaching the top of the neck but does not include smoke inhaled. Usually used in the context of bong that needs to be cleared or when newbies need others to milk it for them.

commonly shortened to "stack"
"She cleared like 3 stacks out of my straight shot.."

I don't wanna finish that stale smoke stack!
by KHANO June 22, 2011
A sexual act in which the participating female rips a fat bong, holds in the smoke, and performs oral sex while the smoke pours out of her mouth. In some cases, violent anal sex is had afterwords. This is sometimes followed by a mean batch of Denny's pancakes. Word.
Yo get this shit. Last night, I had my girl rip a bong of some OG Kush and she gave me a smoke stack!
by YoungbloodHU October 14, 2010
The act of a woman inhaling smoke, giving a blow job then releasing the smoke while she is giving the blow job and the smoke coming up from the side of her head thus giving the appearence to the recipient of her head as a smoke stack
by Topchef 504 August 29, 2011
A person who you will never see without a cigarette '
A person who is constantly smoking a cigarette from the minute they wake up to the minute before they fall asleep.
My Father acts like a smoke-stack, blowing smoke all day long!
by secondhandsmoker November 30, 2010
name for chain-smoker, cigarette worshiper -we actually called a guy at my job smokestacks, it fit perfectly!
damn, i was breathing pretty good, -but here comes smokestacks!!!
by michael foolsley November 23, 2009