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To get drunk.
Girl: It's monday and 1pm are you already smiffed?
Boy: We are always smiffed.
by Smith 3 October 22, 2011
to make someone disappointed by not doing something that they are expecting you to do
I was smiffed by my colleague after giving his assurance he would look after the situation only then to pull a sicky and leaving me high and dry- hanging someone out to dry.
by itsmint69 November 14, 2012
Being ignored on a social media platform. Usually by a friend who follows you closely, but envies your sweet photo/updates of your vacation in the Grand Canyon and therefore, refuses to give you the satisfaction of a "like", "favorite" or "retweet."
"How was your vacation?"
"It was great! I went hiking in the Grand Canyon!"
"Oh I saw your Instagram, way cool."
"You saw it? But you didn't like it..?"
"Oh... Yeah..."
"You smiffed me, man! You douche bag!"
by Ace2theface September 03, 2013
to get owned.

usually followed with the word 'shame!'
mr.scott got smiffed last week.
by GEE:) December 02, 2007

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