A person in bare feet, carrying their kicks, whilst walking home from last night's party.
Shotgun sees a drunk girl and tells the driver to ease up:
Yo, check this bird out, she's waaaasted!!!

Driver - yells out the window: You look like a fuckin Smidget!

Shotgun starts singing to Lil Wayne's tune 'A Mili' - 'A Smidget, A Smidget, A Smidget, A Smidget'
by kiordz August 20, 2009
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An excessively small quantity; based on an amalgam of "smidgen" and "midget."
I'm quite full after dinner, but I'd still like a smidget of streussel.
by C.S. Lucas October 03, 2012
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a word for a small penis also created on the same day in 2003 as its sister word lossop.
its best 2 wiggle your little finger when usin this as an insult.
by masta J March 13, 2005
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An extremely short person, but not quite a midget or little person.
If Linda were just a smidgen shorter,she'd be a midget. But instead she is a smidget.
by Thrift store diva June 03, 2016
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