A person in bare feet, carrying their kicks, whilst walking home from last night's party.
Shotgun sees a drunk girl and tells the driver to ease up:
Yo, check this bird out, she's waaaasted!!!

Driver - yells out the window: You look like a fuckin Smidget!

Shotgun starts singing to Lil Wayne's tune 'A Mili' - 'A Smidget, A Smidget, A Smidget, A Smidget'
by kiordz August 20, 2009
A small person. ie. small + midget = a smidget. Originated in a grade 8 class in Ajax Ontario from a boy named John to a particularly short girl named Nicole. The name stuck and eventually became somewhat of a nickname for her. It was also later used as a "camp name" 3 or 4 years later when she was a camp counsellor. Some times spelled "smidgette". It is also sometimes shortened to "smidgie".
"Our counsellor smidget, she really liked to fidget and we didn't know what to do" "Smidget, get in my backpack!"
by The Little Nicky January 30, 2006
a word for a small penis also created on the same day in 2003 as its sister word lossop.
its best 2 wiggle your little finger when usin this as an insult.
by masta J March 13, 2005

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