A midget or short person who is a smudge on society. This person uses the,"O! Wo Is Me." factor to get others to pity them, or, they are just thieves who can get into small openings and crawl spaces.
That smidget doesn't have to work as long as his two gay dads buy him everything he wants.
by OCDx333 July 28, 2010
A person a little taller than a midget, a smidge over a midget (in fact), but not quite a real person (148cm - 155cm)
Damo - Have you met Malone...the new short stop, he's a midget!
Gavin - Nah Bro, he's taller than that! He's a SMIDGET
by Short Cunt September 20, 2014
nickname for a person the first name of Smith and is also very short for his or her age; has multiple other definitions; this definition originated in Southern Mississippi in a 6th grade science class in Hancock County Middle School
His nickname is Smidget.
by realsmidget86 February 06, 2011
An excessively small quantity; based on an amalgam of "smidgen" and "midget."
I'm quite full after dinner, but I'd still like a smidget of streussel.
by C.S. Lucas October 03, 2012
A smushed midget- usually used as an insult
Friend 1:OMG, did you see how short she was?

Friend 2: I know right, what a smidget!
by Maddi P November 25, 2011
Someone who is very short, but not quite a midget.
Wow, look at that short guy! He doesn't look like a dwarf, he's just a smidget.
by CJansen May 03, 2008
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