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3 men with mullets thinking they are fighting for justice by looking bad ass.
the mulleteers are in the bar looking "bad ass" as usuall. little to their knowing a women is alone. the mulleteers being the super bad ass party animals feel the uncontrolable urge to help this lonely woman revive her night by looking extremely bad ass.
by shmorts March 22, 2009
smacked in the face with a midget.
warning midgets are not to be used as bats.
midgets are very fragile creatures which can be seen burrowing holes near collonies of mole rats.
youre sitting in a bar and a midget walks in a drunk man just lost in pool and throws a lightweight projectile at you. when you come to you will think the impact has made you delerious and have entered the lord of the rings shire. but its just a midget.
the drunken lady at the bar says oh my goodness that guy just got smidgeted
by shmorts March 22, 2009

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