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a sexy mexican; literally a contraction of sexy and mexican
Mark Sanchez is one hot smexican.
by Amanda Thomas October 22, 2007
Someone who is hispanic and sexy as fuck.
P1: "Damn, dude! Angelicia lookin' fine!"

P2: "That's because she's Smexican."
by Eidoaikr November 27, 2013
1. A sexy mexican person

2. Really yummy mexican food
1. RADISH: PHWOOARRR he's a smexican

2. NAV: MMMMMMMMM these nachose are smexican
by sej-vej-and-een-een September 01, 2009
The state of being smexi, and mexican.
This can also be used as smexicans.
Note examples.
Jenny: How are you today?
Jose: Oh I'm just smexican.

Jenny: How are you today?
Jose: Oh I'm just smexicans.
by lawlitellyou April 04, 2006
when a person is hot but is also a mexican... mexicans arnt normally attractive but some (smexicans) are actually quite attractive...
Betty- you see him
carman- yeah his skin is so dark
betty- he must be mexican
carman- no, hes a smexican
by rwarrwarrwarrwarrwar April 25, 2011
a sexy looking mexican (or any other dark complexioned person). usually reserved to talking about people not necessarily liked.
sara - "hey, look at that smexican on lifeguard duty."
shannon - "he is a pretty sexy mexican."
by r.ingo May 27, 2008
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