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Usually a name for a person that is a walking Goddess. A gorgeous girl that is just herself all the time. Doesn't try to impress anyone. Ever mess with her, you'll have other people to deal with. She's the type of person people can trust and be very close to. A girl who is not a skank, but is very attractive and lovable, She's adorable too! One in a million, hard to find. Has a tendency of being very beautiful. A really pretty girl who is strong and independent. She's that one girl everyone wishes they could be. Angelicia is the type pf girl who doesnt take shit from anyone.(:
Oh, thts Angelicia(:
by LovesYouLots(: July 21, 2011
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Angelicia is kind beautiful and she gets all the guys not just with her looks but with her personality and she can keep a secret and shell keep a promise she is loyal and she can fight so i wouldn't mess with her
by Penguin1223 September 05, 2016
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