thick, stubborn, pigheaded, a combination of all 3;) it's arabic :D
what a smeek
by mzzzzzzzzzzzz July 28, 2003
Top Definition
To post a reply to a long thread on a message board without reading the entire thread first, resulting in asking or answering questions that were already answered in the thread.

Named after a poster on the TiVo Community message boards with the handle of jsmeeker who had a reputation of replying to the original poster in a long thread without reading the thread repeating what had already been posted.
Poster 1: What color is the sky?

Poster 2: The sky is blue.

Poster 3: Blue is a pretty color.

Poster 3 (smeeker): The color of the sky is blue.

by Uh-uh December 13, 2006
intr.verb. : smeek, smeek·er, smeek·ed, smeek·ing

a. - To post a reply in an Internet forum without actually reading the entire thread first, resulting in replying with something a writer already posted earlier in the same thread. "J. Smeeker is always smeeking these threads!" : "We've been smeeked again!"

a. - Someone who smeeks: "J. Smeeker is such a smeek!"

*see also: Smeek Syndrome, incurable disease, terminal illness.
I had just posted that forum had upgraded their forum software and I got smeeked by JohnDoe!

There goes JohnDoe smeeking us again, does he not know how to read?

*see also: tivo-vb/showthread.php?t=206761
by Krymaney October 20, 2005
Another word for smoke, or to smoke.
I would like to smeek a smake.
by FustKuck November 12, 2007
to smell really bad
orgins: a cross between smell and reek
Gosh have you smelt Ian, he smeeks like rotten eggs
by mega mo May 17, 2007
A smeek is a rare amazonian dwelling mammal that is a relative of the lemur family!
It is often aggressive when provoked and has venomous claws which it uses to defend itself. Recently there numbers have been dropping quickly due to continual deforestation in south america. It is a beloved creature which has captured the hearts of many people.
The smeek ran into the woods
by SOS (Save our Smeeks) October 06, 2006
Smeek - (Noun) it was first adopted by the English language Jan. 7, 2000. It hasn’t been defined yet but it is prevalent among the extraterrestrial language. Forms: Verb- smeek; Adjective- smeekic; Adverb- smeekally.
“The Smeek smeekally smeeked the Smeek with a smeekic Smeek”
by Radaghaz May 05, 2003
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