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intr.verb. : smeek, smeek·er, smeek·ed, smeek·ing

a. - To post a reply in an Internet forum without actually reading the entire thread first, resulting in replying with something a writer already posted earlier in the same thread. "J. Smeeker is always smeeking these threads!" : "We've been smeeked again!"

a. - Someone who smeeks: "J. Smeeker is such a smeek!"

*see also: Smeek Syndrome, incurable disease, terminal illness.
I had just posted that TivoCommunity.com forum had upgraded their forum software and I got smeeked by JohnDoe!

There goes JohnDoe smeeking us again, does he not know how to read?

*see also: www.tivocommunity.com/ tivo-vb/showthread.php?t=206761
by Krymaney October 20, 2005

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