Also known as Tetracologicalzemur, it is hard to come by as it requires several days alchemy. Common uses are for growing out of control African Violets, cleaning spitoons, and also paizzaer. Also can be used to summon pigeons, which will later be eaten by the hawks you summon.
These african violets are not nearly as out of control as they could be, plus I feel like feeding the hawks, better cook up some smath.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh January 28, 2010
Top Definition
Combined science and math.
Omg, I hate smath. It's so boring. Smath must die.
by gregjockca June 29, 2011
n. A male sex god.
Holy shit that was good sex! Not as good as sex with Smath, not even close, really..
by Sphene January 04, 2004
a petty tool
You're totally being a smath right now.
by Manilla October 06, 2003
Smaths is the shirtened form of smathematics which is the mathematics of smilies
dude : whats a :P face?

Professor of smaths: oh thats simple, it is a :) times a :|...

Dude: oh thats cool i love smaths
by Director of Smaths June 23, 2011

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