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when a large group of boys and girls gather and the girls finger themselves then shove smarties up their pussy and ass then the boys spin the bottle to choose a girl then lick out the smarties
At The Smarty Party.
girl: *fingers herself and puts in the smarties* "ok spin the bottle"
boy: *spins bottle* (to boy2) "fuk man i got the blonde 1!"
boy2: "eat her out"
boy: *licks and sucks the smarties out of girl*
by computer whore July 16, 2006
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I heard it off a chick called Pieta and she said it was when two chikas shuv smartys up their pussies and they take turns in having them licked out.
Pieta, what's a smarty party? Fuck off look it up on urban dictionary.(not the real words of pieta)
by Beckie October 28, 2004

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