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I heard it off a chick called Pieta and she said it was when two chikas shuv smartys up their pussies and they take turns in having them licked out.
Pieta, what's a smarty party? Fuck off look it up on urban dictionary.(not the real words of pieta)
by Beckie October 28, 2004
A tappen is a bears butt plug also used as an insult.
"Mate Your A Tappen"
"EW that bear just shat out its tappen"
by Beckie March 02, 2005
I made it up it is opposite to flowant. It's a burp that has to be kinda forced. It is never a loud burp.
*burp cough cough buuuurp* man that was forcidable
by Beckie October 28, 2004
Fucking Cheyenne's burps. They are fucking flowant. It means loud, resonant burp.
*buuuurp* Oh that was pretty flowant, huh?
by Beckie October 28, 2004
Me and a friends word. It means when your breath or farts smell like nothing, they are cheapex.
Man my breath is cheapex today
by Beckie October 28, 2004

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