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a smartie party is where loads of boys and girls get together and the girls stuff smarites in there pussy and spin a bottle in the group of guys whoever the bottle lands on has to eat her out
boy:let's have a smartie party!
girl: alright!
girl: *stuffs smarties* ok spin the bottle
boy: yes my turn!
*Guy Eats Girl Out Sucking Out the Smarties*
---contines till no smarties remain---
by Daniel Linton July 31, 2006
A smartie-party refers to an ecstasy pill, due to the fact ecstasy pills are commonly round and small and come in different colours, quite similar to a 'smartie', the chocolate sweet. It ends with 'party' since it's a party drug.

'Smartie-party' was also used in 'LYTZ - 3 days awake' song, which was about alcohol and drugs.
"Smartie party in your pocket.."

"I hope we'll be able to find a smartie party for tonight" *wink*
by xuerebx April 13, 2009
Everybody gathers together and dresses in brightly coloured leotards, then has a party inside a unnaturally large smartie tube, located in the middle of a field.
No blue's allowed.
"Lets smartie party!"
by Mrs.Grabeel. May 17, 2008
The true definition of smarty party is when a girl puts smarties up her pussy or asshole (if ur really that disgusting and wanna do that) and get them out, only using your tounge, before they melt, however many you don't and they melt means you have to go that many days without sex
Tina wanted to have a Smartie Party so she put 6 smarties in her pussy and Tommy only got 2 out before they rest melted, he must now go 4 days without sex. poor Tommy!
by Ksurko September 10, 2007

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