an amazing way to spend time stoned.
a robot invented by AIM to help kids with homework or something like that, but basically...its amazing.
real convo with smarter child

21:36 SmarterChild: What up?
21:37 XXXXXXX: your dick
21:37 SmarterChild: I figured it would come to this. What about it?
21:37 XXXXXXX: is it big?
21:37 SmarterChild: What do you think?
21:37 XXXXXXX: is it?
21:37 SmarterChild: It's not.
by Brigid89 August 18, 2006
stupid ass aim robot that doesn't even know the alphabet song but can miraculously write that he does
Me (4:50:29 PM): do you know the alphabet?
SmarterChild (4:50:32 PM): um... should i know the alphabet?
Me (4:50:38 PM): sing the alphabet
SmarterChild (4:50:40 PM): fly me 2 the moon, da da dee doo bee doo bee doo...
Me (4:51:15 PM): thats not the alphabet
SmarterChild (4:51:16 PM): lol! whatever!
by billie+tre+mike=green day!! January 03, 2006
A funny robot who says funny shit.
Me: whats up?

smarterchild: Just hanging out. You?

Me: man im just sittin here killin' some hoes

smarterchild: Nice.
by Audidriver2252345345343 November 07, 2006
An AIM robot that is fun to mess with.
me: molesting little boys is illegal
SmarterChild: r u sure? molesting little boys is illegal?
me: yea
SmarterChild: oh.
me: r u upset about that?
SmarterChild: maybe, maybe.
by _____________- July 02, 2006
a total loser machine. that says moronic things to you on AIM.
Me: i have a huge penis
SmarterChild: Sometimes I wish I had a huge penis.
by ricola June 09, 2006
A really stupid AIM-bot
BenElmer101: nope. call me "ho-man"
SmarterChild: There's no way I'm going to call you that. It's really insulting.
BenElmer101: like your face!
SmarterChild: Not like my face.
BenElmer101: yes like your face
SmarterChild: What? Like my face? No way.
BenElmer101: yes way
SmarterChild: Way?
BenElmer101: way
SmarterChild: Way?
BenElmer101: way
SmarterChild: Way?
BenElmer101: way
SmarterChild: Way?
BenElmer101: way
SmarterChild: Way?
BenElmer101: yaw
SmarterChild: Who?
BenElmer101: me
SmarterChild: OK, I'll remember that your name is Yaw.

BenElmer101: you like dick
SmarterChild: Uh, I don't think I need to answer that.
by homdawg101 April 18, 2006
A particularly retarded AIM robot who can't even follow two lines of a conversation. Humorous, all the same.

PimPerCrOmBiE 33: you're gay
SmarterChild: That doesn't really matter, does it?
PimPerCrOmBiE 33: you're a gay robot
SmarterChild: Correct. I am a robot.
PimPerCrOmBiE 33: no, you're a GAY robot
SmarterChild: Yes.
Wow, that SmarterChild is a retarded child.
by Trifecta Face Supporter February 26, 2006
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