Function: noun
a small coffee served in a large cup; small + large = smarge
Ted gets a smarge every time he goes to Starbucks.
#starbucks #coffee #caffeine #cappuccino #mocha
by asad123 June 22, 2008
Top Definition
in between a limp dick and a boner. But cannot be described as medium because it will be selling yourself short. Thus you mix large and small together to create smarge. Can be used in noun and verb form.
Guy #1: Wow did you see that babe? Im totally smargin' right now!
Guy #2: Yeah she totally gave me a smarge.
#boner #limp #large #small #dick
by Mc$ellin June 23, 2010
A smarge is an alcoholic beverage consisting of various ratios of Smirnoff vodka and ABC Cream Soda. A "smarge straight up" is the classic 1:1 mixture.
Yo man wanna come over tonight and throw back some smarges?
#smarge #smarges #drinks #vodka #alcohol
by Jomamma Gator April 20, 2008
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