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A condition in which small towns suffer from a lack of offerings in a number of important lifestyle categories (i.e.; stuff to do, availability of the opposite sex, etc.) and a general malaise of boredom and monotony.
God, this town is so boring! There's nothing to do--it's the worst case of small-town syndrome I've ever seen!
by szechwean December 29, 2009
When an individual becomes infatuated with their own reputation and creates a faux following and ego around themselves. This is all undone upon the individual visiting a larger town or city, where they find themselves somewhat unknown and ignored.
Where I come from, everyone knows me.

Who the f*ck are you? Sounds like you got small-town syndrome.
by petersleeper February 28, 2011
A phenomenon that occurs in small towns with very little to do. The person feels bored and isolated and starts doing self destructive things like getting drunk, being promiscuous, and doing lots of drugs to feel a sense of excitement that they can't otherwise feel in their lives.
The internet, hobbies, and passion are cures for small town syndrome.
by axxlR August 02, 2011
A person from a small city and goes to a big city and acts and thinks they are they shit, when in reality they aren't.
That nigga has small town syndrome!
by Torontobitch April 09, 2014