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1. Substitue word for "vagina." Comes from the original meaning of a connection between two parts of a church... or something like that.
2. Exclamation: Use in place of a swear.
"Parker, it smells like fish. Close your slype!"
"SLYPE! My orangatan is missing!"
by shnazZay April 09, 2005
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a rubber sex toy used for experimentation in the mating habits of monkeys in the 1970s; also slang term for vagina; a connection between two parts of a church
Parker get that slype out of my slype. that's gross.
by chilibean October 28, 2006
Any of a number of combinations referring to Skype/Texting/Video, etc. in presentation.
advertisements, claims, legal jargon, linguistics, education
"Basiallia slurred her words even on Twitter. It's OK though! We love her and she has great Slype.
by jeffstick September 24, 2012

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