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A site in the Internet that allows unemployed people to feel productive.
Hey Man, thanks for taking me out to lunch, but I have to get back to Facebook now!
by jeffstick July 10, 2012
2011-forward name for flip flops.
"Damn it! I left my Foot Thongs at home, and now I've got tar balls all over my feet"

"Dude, your Foot Thongs are giving me beach wood"!!

"Don't make me break my Foot Thong off up in your Ass".
by jeffstick April 26, 2011
to be engaged viewing online gay porn, unbeknownst to ones straight partner
Man, if my wife finds out I'm on the download, I am way-more than screwed!
by jeffstick October 10, 2013
Any of a number of combinations referring to Skype/Texting/Video, etc. in presentation.
advertisements, claims, legal jargon, linguistics, education
"Basiallia slurred her words even on Twitter. It's OK though! We love her and she has great Slype.
by jeffstick September 24, 2012
An orgasm that causes whole-body, toe-curling, screaming, and convulsions similar to a Grand Mal seizure.
Instead of calling 911, my boyfriend should have kept riding my dick until the lap seizure passed. He might of had one, too!
by jeffstick January 23, 2012
Curvature of thumbs, fingers, or wrists due to scrolling too much on the computer
After researching my last school project, I am quite sure I have scrolliosis.
by jeffstick November 15, 2010

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