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Term of hate used by jealous ND girls to describe the shuttle between ND and Saint Mary's College. The term originated because ND girls were having no luck securing dates to dances because "their" men were already committed to Saint Mary's girls.
The gentlemen of Notre Dame are known for walking their lovely friends from Saint Mary's to the sluttle stop.
by Olderandwiser March 03, 2009
192 102
The word used to describe the shuttle bus that takes St. Mary's girls back to their campus from Notre Dame. The sluttle is mainly used by drunk, slutty SMC girls after a night of hoeing it up.
Don't let her stay over. Tell her ass to take the sluttle.
by NDstudent August 14, 2007
154 130
The act of being slutty in a subtle way.
Girl #1 - How are you going to get Mike to hook up with you.
Girl #2 - I think I'll just play it sluttle.
by theexorcist74 October 29, 2011
2 4
to be slutty in a subtle way
"See that girl over there?, she's a bit sluttle.
by UDTOM December 01, 2008
13 37