A girl who uses Hallowe'en as an opportunity to exercise her inner whore, by dressing like one.
Bob: Did you see Cheryl from accounting yet? What a little slutterfly.
Dave: Oh, I thought she was a slutty nun.
Bob: Yeah, that.
by Michael Grant November 01, 2011
Top Definition
A person who goes from lover to lover quite effortlessly, like a butterfly going from flower to flower.
Dang, that is the third guy Niki has been with this week! What a slutterfly!
by Snizbit November 16, 2006
Having butterflies in your stomach because of intense sexual desire.
I get slutterflies whenever I see him with his shirt off.
by Cookie_Monster678 August 25, 2013
a gay man that gets around with many different men.
OMG, Perez juggles so many different guys! He's such a Slutterfly.

When Andre emerges from his cocoon, he will be a beautiful Slutterfly.
by boulay46 March 14, 2010
a butterfly; the sluttiest animal ever to be created.
the inspiration for many a tramp stamp all over the world.
"Wow, that tribal slutterfly Brianna got tattooed on her lower back is really classy."
by meemsies December 06, 2011
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