A slut muffin is a phrase created by Bobbie Lee Silver to describe people who act/look like sluts, yet aren't completely disrespected due to a cuteness or innocence. Most accusations tend to be targeted towards younger girls who dress in revealing outfits and/or flirt with older guys. This is also used as slang to indicate that the girl is acting in sluttish way, but can be used as sarcasm to show an outfit is cute yet skimpy. It could also be used to describe boys who have many girls clinging to him, but is mostly refered to as a slut monkey (the male equivilent to slut muffin).
"Tanya is such a little slut muffin! She's only 13 and David is 18! How dare she grind on him!"

"Aw, look at the little slut muffin in her mini skirt"
by Sakine June 24, 2009
Top Definition
A girl who is perverted, but still really sweet. The surprising combination of slut and muffin reflects the surprise when someone cute says something dirty.
Oh, sweetie, I didn't know you were such a slutmuffin!
by slutmuffin May 29, 2006
a muffin that let itself get eaten by everyone
man at least 15 people have had a bite of that slut muffin
by shane aisbett June 25, 2004
1) A term of endearment among friends.
2) An insult..but not really because it sounds too cute.
You're my slutmuffin. :]

Stupid slutmuffin! God!
by amy. April 12, 2006
A whore who, for some odd reason, you still have an attachment for.
You little slut muffin, you know i still love you!
by Burnboy8604 August 08, 2005
A slut muffin is a term first coined in fall 2005 that describes a person who is appealing to the eye and is very charming. They can also be quite seductive.
A slut muffin is someone like Jim McMullen, Angelina Jolie, James Bond, etc. "As I heard him talk to those ladies at the party, there was no questioning his suave aura and the way his words escaped his mouth ever so smoothly. He was most certainly a slut muffin."
by Jim McMullen April 28, 2006
Slutmuffin is the compound of two words slut and muffin. May be used as a term of endearment between friends or lovers.
May be used as a compliment.
The female version of studmuffin.
Can be used to describe a woman who is outwardly very sweet, but has a very sexy side behind closed doors,
or someone who is outwardly both very sweet and very sexy.
Rarely used as an insult because of the cuteness of the term.
I love you my little slutmuffin.
Slutmuffin you are so sexy!
My girl is a total slutmuffin.
Did you see that slutmuffin? I'd totally tap that!
That Librarian is cute, I bet she is a total slutmuffin.
by Alexandria Slutmuffin May 03, 2007
whore, skank, slut, floosey(personal favorite)
Jill is such a slut-muffin, that she blew the entire basketball team.
by ladeezmann5 February 28, 2006

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