A person (or muffin) that acts sluttishly, similar to a skankcookie.
Puts some clothes on you slutmuffin.
by nobody94 April 19, 2009
A girl who is a complete whore but only with one person.
'you're such a slutmuffin!'
by Theslutmuffin November 12, 2012
A girl that is really sweet but is a huge slut
that girl Cindy is really cute and nice but have you heard about all the guys she hooked up with?
ya! she's such a slutmuffin
by uppereastsider January 10, 2015
Someone who is short, and adorable, but incredibly slutty and gross. Probably. Has all sorts of diseases just WAITING to crawl into you.
I'm pretty sure you don't need one. But ah, what the hell.
Slutmuffin; lets fuck
someone; okay
SM; lets fuck
another person; okay
by The Spongey Avenger March 19, 2011
Used to call annoying smart-ass people, usually after they have said an annoying pun.
Person 1: Hey, what so u call a nazi fish?
Person 2: Idk
Person 1: ADOLFIN!!!
Person 2:... you Slut Muffin
by sluttymuffin123 February 18, 2014
Usually an insault in which a woman is being called a slut or a whore, but has recently been taken in a completly different direction by many youngsters of today, it is now commonly used as a synonim for good. Depending on the context is wether or not its an insault or a compliment.
For num. 1 "God, Jill's slept with every guy at this school but me, shes such a slut muffin."

For num. 2 "Woah, Rachel your looking pretty slut muffin today."
by Ratjar99 February 17, 2014
A beautiful woman who loves it.
James's Mum is a slutmuffin
by Wizardry 123 July 13, 2012

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