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One who mongs sluts. Derived from slut and monger. Literally, a devious and slovenly person who will sell you a used slut at an exorbitant price.
"Dave is such a slutmonger, he sold me his ex while she was still leaking!"
by pearce duncan January 29, 2006
An individual that frequently enjoys getting their anal area frosted by one of the opposite sex. These people tend to not say that they aren't a slutmonger but once the weekend comes, they enter the bedroom and their clothes fall off like a lemming near a cliff.
Shut up and let me do you, you fucking slutmonger!

Dat bitch is such a FUCKING slutmonger!!!

Get in here u dirty slutmonger!
by Myles Wilson November 30, 2005
Basically a cheap lowlife pimp.
Hey you, slut monger, i need a cheap slut!!!
by Pope gregory the 5th July 11, 2003
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