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slut and a junkie, in one word
Look at that slunky doing her thing.
by jesanotherguy12333 July 05, 2013
1 3
A slunky is a blow-job which involves an excessive amounts of saliva generated by the sucker. This term was first used by comedian Jamie Kennedy in the documentary "Heckler."
Nothing feels better when a girl gives me a long, hot slunky.
by 3rdpetshopboy April 21, 2009
74 18
adjective: one who both posses the qualities of a slut while also being chunky

How slunky was Ella last night at sofia's getty, when she flirted and fooled around with 485767373359 guys !
by Jahl Maron August 27, 2007
22 28
Slutty and drunk. Obviously a portmanteau.
Look at that slunky girl grinding up on that dude.

Slunky girl: I'm so drunk, all I can think about is dick.
by The479 November 20, 2009
3 15
Not acting in the manor of an upstanding citizen in today's society.
Damn, Mykel has been slunky lately.
by Jay Corona August 10, 2008
7 20
A combination of a monkey and a slut -- therefore creating a slunky.
A certain somebody, who would not let me use his name, thinks that a certain someone is a slunky.
by Marcus A. February 26, 2005
9 27