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A slunky is a blow-job which involves an excessive amounts of saliva generated by the sucker. This term was first used by comedian Jamie Kennedy in the documentary "Heckler."
Nothing feels better when a girl gives me a long, hot slunky.
by 3rdpetshopboy April 21, 2009
adjective: one who both posses the qualities of a slut while also being chunky

How slunky was Ella last night at sofia's getty, when she flirted and fooled around with 485767373359 guys !
by Jahl Maron August 27, 2007
Slutty and drunk. Obviously a portmanteau.
Look at that slunky girl grinding up on that dude.

Slunky girl: I'm so drunk, all I can think about is dick.
by The479 November 20, 2009
Not acting in the manor of an upstanding citizen in today's society.
Damn, Mykel has been slunky lately.
by Jay Corona August 10, 2008
A combination of a monkey and a slut -- therefore creating a slunky.
A certain somebody, who would not let me use his name, thinks that a certain someone is a slunky.
by Marcus A. February 26, 2005
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