Top Definition
Something that hits hard.

Origin Oakland, CA.
"This song is a slumper"
by B-Tiz August 01, 2004
a somewhat universal word more commonly used as a universal word in the East Bay (of the San Francisco Bay Area)
Man that party was a slumper!

Dang you got slumpered!

I gotta take a slumper.

Why you all up in my face bein a slumper?!
by bboydru August 14, 2005
a beat that slaps hella hard, a dope ass song u can gig to.
ey knock a slumper so we can get to giggin yadidimean?!?!
by bigpermz June 23, 2005
a really really really ugly girl that causes ur dick to slump
this is the uglyest slumper i every fucked
by ben dover October 03, 2004
A generally fat, nasty, and unattractive woman seen through beer googles and acted upon sexually in order to break one's slump.
Nate Sylvester broke his slump at the summo wrestling party, where he had his way with a bumper crop of slumpers.
by logan cleaver October 29, 2003
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