The slimy, viscous fluid left behind after a female has dragged her camel tizzy across a surface such as your sheets or face.
"Brian, what the hell is all over your face?" "Oh, that's just my girlfriend's slug trail."
by MRT310 February 26, 2006
Top Definition
Markings left by a woman.
That bird i copped off with last night has left huge great slug trails on my bed sheets / laminate flooring / kitchen worktop / car bonnet / face delete as appropriate
by mark November 16, 2003
Slug Trails' appear after an orgasm, and your sheets have clear residue in a trail that looks like a slug has just passed through.
You should wash your sheets more often, that slug trail is all crusty now!
by Kayla July 14, 2004
A sexual maneuver performed after girl-on-top copulation. Girl begins by sliding forward off of man's member, continuing up the stomach, chest and ending by sliding off man's face, leaving behind a trail of shiny, sticky, gooey ooze comprised of vaginal juices, semen, and any additional lubrication products used.
Bill: Hey girl, why don't slide up here and leave me a slug trail?

Tonya: Sure, give me a sec to dismount. That lube we used will make it extra-sticky!
by Pony Lily & Keyhole Monkey June 25, 2010
When a man becomes intimately involved with a woman he will then after sex produce Slug Trails which are also known as Cum Stains.
Ex. #1 Dude, I totally left Kim with Slug Trails all over her belly.
by Dienasty13 May 02, 2009
The moist secretions left by female anatomy after it has been heavily aroused or after having been filled with ejaculate.

Typically a slugtrail is created by a woman after pulling off her man after a good ride. The female typically rests her pudenda upon the man's belly, slides back and forth, and create a slugtrail.

Also used to refer to any wetness created after said ride on the sheets.

It can also be used as a gerund (slugtrailing). Typically used by skanky girls to refer to one anothers' feelings about an attractive male. See second example.
Bitch was so wet that when she pulled off she left a slugtrail all the way back to her side of the bed

Yo, bitch stop slugtrailing after my man - ya stank ho!
by Dr. Slugtrail November 02, 2004
The residue left on bed linens after a man ejaculates, cleans up the bulk of the semen, and then sleeps naked, allowing the remaining liquid occupying the dead volume of his reproductive organs to leak out slowly. The man's flaccid penis is then remarkably analogous to a slug, leaving ooze trails as it squirms about.
WOMAN: "You were amazing. Come cuddle with me, stud."
MAN: "Just a second, let me put my boxers back on, I don't want to leave slug trails all over your Egyptian cotton sheets."
by threonine June 22, 2011
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