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Telling someone to "eat a dick" in sensitive situations where profanity is not tolerated. You take the first letter of each word and translate it using the military alphabet. Used in radio transmissions, which are monitored, thereby conveying your message without subjecting yourself to discipline.
radio transmission...
Sgt. Brian: "Ofc. Mike did you complete the last assignment I gave you?"
Ofc. Mike: "10-4 Sarge, and that's a big Echo Alpha Delta."
by MRT310 February 26, 2006
An evolution of the word camel toe thereby allowing men to discuss the frontal wedgie in the presence of females.
No Sweetie, you don't look fat in those pants. In fact they really accentuate your camel tizzy.
by MRT310 February 26, 2006
The slimy, viscous fluid left behind after a female has dragged her camel tizzy across a surface such as your sheets or face.
"Brian, what the hell is all over your face?" "Oh, that's just my girlfriend's slug trail."
by MRT310 February 26, 2006
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