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A combination of slut and slob: someone whose casual attitude toward sex mirrors their casual attitude toward fashion and hygiene.
See that chick in the loose fitting tunic and smeared makeup? What a slub!
by Mr2001 November 25, 2009
51 42
Slutty bitch (slutty bitches, pl.)
Look at all the slubs at tanning salon.
by ak streets January 05, 2006
10 4
A Man who no longer talks to his friends after he gets married.
Hey brosef have you heard from Matt lately?

Nah man; he's a slub now.
by Slubbot April 29, 2014
0 0
Slub is the word to a girl who is slutty and chubby.

Slubby is the adjective form of the word slub.
We shouldn't go to that bar it is full of slubs.

guy 1: did you see that girl? she was hot!

guy 2: you must have goggles on, that chick was slubby...
by TheGomeeeeeez October 09, 2011
5 7
A slimy or revolting body appendage. ie. oily fingers, dirty toes
Get your slubs off me.
by tok76 July 14, 2009
10 14
A combination of sleeping and smoking. Often one will wake up from napping to smoke and then go back to napping.
We established Club Slub in 2010, a club for extreme slubbers.

All he does is sleep and smoke, what a slub.
by ClubSlub2010 March 31, 2010
6 18
1) To club with a firm, yet slightly flexible object.

2) Mythical dolphin featured in the ancient art of tae kwon dolphin.
1) I slubbed her with my penis. (see: cock slub)

2) Slub the dolphin trained hard to master the difficult reverse tail sequence of blows.
by phx June 04, 2003
9 21