stands for Swagga Like Us.
Bob: "Yo, man! you seen kanye, wayne, jay-z, m.i.a. & t.i. perform SLU?"

John: "yea, that sh-t was dope!!!!!!!!"
by kiD JaY February 10, 2009
The act of giving or recieving oral sex.
Man, I got so much Slu last night!
by Yulonda November 09, 2008
a liberal arts college in northern new york aka St. Lawrence University
Yeah the slu xc team is looking pretty nasty this year
by Farrell April 26, 2005
to get some head {a person who is sucking your meat}
or u can say it around the person that does give slu

u will use this word in a sentence
Baylor: Yea she slu me off yesterday
Solomon: for real she slu u off yesterday

u will use this word in a sentence
by a;lkdsj February 12, 2007
A word used to describe females of a slutty nature who are not yet physically mature.
plenty of slus here aren't there
by Rob & Sam March 27, 2005
A young girl who has sex with much older guys
Grade 9 slus and grade 12 slu-bangers
by The People of Port Hope April 15, 2005
A lazy person. Derived from the word "slug", the detraction of the letter 'g' is to denote laziness to the point of not using the last letter.

Casually lazy, procrastinating.
"Aw man, you're such a slu."

"No time to be a slu, you have a test to study for"
by Sluka July 07, 2004
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