Short for Saint Leo University. Describes a school that has produced the most educated alcoholics since 1889.
"Yeah... I go to SLU."
by Amanda Brady October 18, 2006
A slut of the worst kind.
"Yeah, she's done that to half the guys at West Chester; she's real slu."

The word is believed to have originated from Havertown, PA, where Bill Hagan, Jordan Frank, Ryan Sweeney, and Jacob Sheetz-Willard first used the term after watching the movie "Teeth."
by mitch-a-palooza December 14, 2009
pronunciation: "SL-EW" correct spelling: "Slu"
The word slu originated in a Southern Toronto area. Most recently has been used in correct terminology in a small suburb of Chicago. Elmhurst College, Illinois to be specific.
The word "Slu" has a broad range of uses;

A "slu" can be considered a betrayer, a backstabber, a "dirty" trickster, someone whom is untrustworthy.

For the most part anyone whom is rude.
1. Don't slu me.
2. Stop Sluing.

3. (Name) your a slu.
4. Don't be a slu
by DRG, KFS November 05, 2009
Is a slut, can also call someone a "Vivi" to refer to someone as a slut.
"Damn that girl gets around, she's a fcuking slu!"

"That girl gets on with hellla dudes, she must be a Vivi."
by CheezeGrater May 14, 2009
The process of smoking marijuana, originated in Lindsay, Ontario.
DJ Skeez: Yo, you wanna smoke a slu?
MC Bangin: yee let's rip it

I smoke slu every day homie
by krpt December 19, 2007
Another word for women derived from the word Slut, instead of being simply a hore, a "Slus" is more conservative and attractive. While not slutty the "Slus" has a good time and is always welcomed at parties. Because most women dont know the word "Slus" its ok to speak around them. Plural is also "Slus".
Hey erik how many slus are coming to the Toga party thursday?
by Michelob!!! May 10, 2005
To give a blowjob. Oral Sex
Ex. 1 "Dude, she gave me that good slu last night!"
Ex. 2 "I'm looking for some slu, any takers?"
by Indians Ball January 22, 2012

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