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in the south east, talking shit to somebody else. more like talkin about each other and pointing out stuff and talking about their mommas etc.
Damn those niggas keep jawnin' on me bout my filas.
by sn0man December 16, 2006
what u do when u run out of cigarettes.
Im outta smokes so im gonna go butt hunting.
by sn0man November 21, 2007
the gangsta way of sayin weed
"hey man lemme hook u up with some green"
by sn0man March 15, 2006
1.if u bang and ur a blood then ur bleedin.
2.if u got a cut or something then ur probably bleedin.
1. I didnt know JJ was bleedin'
2. damn my arm is fuckin' bleedin'!
by sn0man October 01, 2007
in the southeast, gettin some head.
"yeah man that same bitch was givin me some slu last night."
by sn0man December 16, 2006
its what u call another crip, its like cuz. thats where it originated but some people just say it because they hear it a lot and dont know why people call each other that.
what's goin on cuzzo?
by sn0man October 01, 2007
hard or gangsta
"u think u trill?"
by sn0man December 16, 2006

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