This is when you are having anal intercourse and while u are having sex with him/her(makes it better when persons name is joe), the person that is being sodamized goes poop. You continue to have sex with her making it sloppy.
Sloppy Joe:
Buns-Guy or Girls bum
by Jason Stanley July 19, 2006
Usually done on a large breasted woman. It is when a woman is on her side and the male or female defecates on her bottom breast and then proceeds
to slam the top one down on the other only to squish much of the excrement out the sides.
That was the messiest sloppy joe I have ever done...It was seeping out all over the sides and got all over the bed.
by chris-toe-fur May 05, 2006
eating out a girl while she is on her period, or eating out a guys ass while he's shitting.
oh shit girl my man jus gave me a sloppy joe for my birthday, oh my gawd!
by DaShiz22 September 07, 2007
To shit on ones vagina, then follow it immediately with a thrusting of a penis, successfully pounding the fecies into the woman. Then, to seal the deal, one must feast on and eat out the entire raging poopy vagina with constant tounge action.
She fed me the best Sloppy Joe of my entire life, and it tasted amazing!
by Dan Bruce July 30, 2005
an object or person christned 'joseph', with an old, saggy scrotum
Hey, look at that sloppy joe!
by Bozo chops February 05, 2003
Taking a crap on a flat-chested woman's breasts and then titty fucking her.
I'd like to give Paris Hilton a sloppy joe.
by Jack January 17, 2005
when your eating a girl out and she bleeds on your nose.
Last night, i got a sloppy joe from my girlfriend.
by Joe April 11, 2003
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