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In the spirit of the beloved Dirty Sanchez, the Filthy Benavides is the act of removing your penis from a woman's anus, then rubbing it vertically down her chin, creating the illusion of a "soul patch".
He was charging women the same money for straight sex as he was for a Filthy Benavides.
by DirtyFlyBoyz November 09, 2006
The act of removing a soiled condom, then repeatedly whipping her across the face with it. If she enjoys this, try the Tom Bomb.
I'm gonna Grubbsmack this Ho, Fo Sho!
by DirtyFlyBoyz November 09, 2006
After fornicating a menstruating vagina (if you're stupid,after fucking a bleedin' pussy), rub your penis vigorously about her lips and chin, thus creating the illusion
of having eaten a Sloppy Joe.
I fucked that raggin' bitch then fed her a Sloppy Joe!
by DirtyFlyBoyz November 09, 2006
While a girl is performing oral sex on a man, the man secretly prepares to take a photo with a flash camera. At the moment of truth, the man ejaculates on the unsuspecting girl's face while simultaneously capturing the event with said camera. The sudden flash accompanying the massive ejaculatory load will instill the feat of being in a lightning storm.
I'm gonna rock some White Lightning on this bizatch.
by DirtyFlyBoyz November 09, 2006
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