You take ground beef, cook it let it cool down
And either give your bf a handy J or finger bang your girl
Dave: Dude my dick still greasy from that Sloppy Joe
Mark: Dude speakin of the Devil I gave my girl a Sloppy Joe
by BigDickJoe8=====D April 15, 2015
When you do anal and you have poop all up on yo dick and you put it innetween a middle aged woman's breast
Jacobs mom got sloppy joed by Tate after a long night in the fields
by Sxfvhnk1100 July 10, 2016
The act of one person pooping into another person's rectum and then engaging in anal sex with the receiving rectum.
Did you kiss her?
No, but I gave her a Sloppy Joe.
by CaitlynJennersVagina January 11, 2016
Where you shit in your partner ass, then you eat it out. Like you are eating a sloppy Joe in-between two buns.
I eat the shit out of her ass... My shit. That sloppy Joe was good.
by thescooter0808 January 01, 2015
A fucking ugly dick.
Last night a dude asked me to suck his dick, but I told him no because he's got a sloppy-joe.
by Twitch1 January 14, 2012
When you are having sex doggy style, pull out and accidentally cum on the dog.
Oh shit, I just pulled a sloppy Joe.
by Tessalal November 25, 2011
When one person shits in between the ass cheeks of another. Then mushes the ass cheeks together.
Dude I sloppy joe-d this girl last night
by Webby-BIG C June 20, 2010
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