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A term used in the rock climbing community. Describing the bulbous curvaceous nature of a particular type of climbing hand hold, often considered to be at the very pinnacle of climbing holds.
Pete was in awe of the action he was getting on these fabulous slopers, the climbing route had one beautiful slopey hand hold after the other.
by Gareth Yoxall February 08, 2006
in rock climbing, specifically bouldering, a sloping hold (think of a basketball).
jim couldn't climb any of the boulder problems in Alabama because he's not so strong at slopers.
by dflordnf July 24, 2005
The half filled drink cups and beer bottles left on the sidelines at a party. Term refers to the way you have to tilt the bottle to the side in order to see if there is any liquid in it.
Dude, the keg is kicked! Just grab one of the slopers over there on the windowsill.

I was cleaning up after the party and someone left a bunch of slopers on the table. Most of 'em have cigarette butts in them too.
by corkvpn August 13, 2009
What a person is called ,when they have lived in Sunnyslope, Arizona... their whole life.
person 1:Wow you still live in Sunnyslope?
person 2: yes
person 1: what a sloper ,you've become !
person 2: :(
by FAWKGIRL January 06, 2014
when you blow your load at the top of a girls ass and she stands up and it runs down her crack.
i blew a sloper on her back and it felt like the earie canal in her crack
by a-k 47 January 22, 2009
An abandoned beer in a party or bar setting, particularly one which remains after the evening's festivities are over and is consumed by someone of lesser standards and/or means.

Usage apparently limited to a small circle of friends in the UMass Amherst area, late '80's through early '90's.
I was so trashed last night I was going around drinking slopers, even ones with cigarette butts in them.
by wette van otterpocket November 01, 2015
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