A massive penis
Ramsey: "Who's that?"
Richard: "Thats Amit."
Ramsey: "Oh, the one with the slong!"
by i<3amit February 07, 2010
A males penis which is long but skinny, the opposite of a chode.
Lisa: Sharon never had sex with Thomas! He has a slong!

Sharon: Well at least you don't have to have sex with Ashton, he has a chode.
by Hater of Emos July 04, 2014
Frenchy's nickname.
That boy is such a huge slong.
by Kat & Greg October 20, 2003
A slong is a warm friend you can snuggle up to.
Leah didn't have a giant plush dragon, so she went off to find her slong instead.
by Invidia Tempestarii April 03, 2007
of course,that is my name(Dragon I mean) and don t know why some guys find something stuped like cock to define my marvelous name
Lee Shao Long(Bruce Lee)
by Slong Lin March 23, 2003
a name of a willy or wilge thought to b at a large lenght but it only describes your ego and its really no longer than 3"
"hay man have a look at my slong its huge"

"what the fk man it only 3" you fool"
by von goth June 07, 2007
A penis, can be big or small.
Mary was touching my gigantic slong last night, it was good.
by Shwag November 01, 2004

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