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something nasty, or horrible (see buche)
eww, thats a gopping buche you got there!
by [D]Mr Cream T October 14, 2003
Royal Navy slag for ugly
Jerry got pissed last night and pulled a right gopping bird
#gopping #ugly #munter #swamp donkey #goppin
by A total Kent December 30, 2010
To describe something or someone that looks gross, horrible or ugly.
Ashleigh: Mate, have you seen his new haircut? He looks really gopping!
Terri: I know mate, Tayler's got more hair in his eyebrows.
#eyebrows #jord #m8 #cunts #baldy
by Judithm8 March 15, 2015
When a man and his male partner lick each others ass holes
'I love it when you gope me '
'Want to get gopping'
by Undead_KiD March 20, 2016
Dripping with rancid fluid or discharge.
My arse is gopping! /or/ Mind that gopping turd!
#turd #manky #filth #discusting #waste
by timmik May 11, 2009
The act of causing someone to vomit while having anal sex with them. Allegedly causes the sphincter to tighten.
There were a bunch of guys gopping in the bushes at Russel Square...
#sex #anal #vomit #homosexual #gross
by dunxd November 17, 2005
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