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Slobberknocker(s) - The mammary condition resulting from a session of open-mouthed motorboating. Saliva will invariably be knocked out of the motorboater's mouth onto the motorboatee's breasts; thus, "slobberknocker(s)".
Man, David just gave that chick a real slobberknocker!
by JayMattJay April 28, 2008
31 74
big punch
you got knocked the fuck out
by kayleigh March 21, 2003
23 87
A person whose throath is so juicy, the person's mouth is constantly dripping with spit.
Damn! Look at that girl with the waterfall comin out her mouth! Shes definitly a Slobberknocker.
by Slobberknocker hunter August 14, 2003
18 85