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A diss to bloods witch means "sorry life of bloods" used by crips mostly
man i fucked dat slob up i let they color show
by Alaskas Most June 02, 2007
68 71
slob is a derogitory term to the little blood gang over there, it stands 4 .:.silly little obediant bitch.:.
c-boy #1-"fuck dawg you seen all them slobs outside the treasure coast mall before???"

c-boy#2-"ya man i was clutchin my 9 the whole time i was walkin by there man."

c-boy #1-" fuck dawg you pussy i walked out there and hit every one of them with my baby glock they went down like punks"

c-boy#2- " word?"

c-boy#1- " hell yeah!!!"
by blood killar April 09, 2006
36 39
an insult to bloods
bk:fuck u slob
blood:fuck u wanksta all u craps r wanksta
by anonymous September 26, 2003
33 36
placing a phallic object in your mouth and catching a case of the in and outs
damn that bitch can slob a good one
by Shark May 01, 2003
30 33
Someone who tells Washington that they want laws and other things just to benefit themselves. The following are required to be defined as slobs.

- A Progressive or Right Winger that is a....
2. Hollywood star or Pro Athlete or a key figure for Big Oil, Big Pharma.

3. High-income, tax dodging by purposely donating mass amounts to charity rather than giving by heart.

Combine all four into a lobbying festival and you got yourselves a slob!

The slobs can also be nepotistic.....

5. A labor union that serves the rich and not the middle class.

6. A media conglomerate that does not invest in youthful talent
ExxonMobil posted a 80 billion dollar profit, they paid zip taxes this quarter. What slobs.
by citylifeloving January 09, 2012
1 5
Silly Lazy Old Bitchs
if u c a blood call them a slob
by slob killer December 08, 2006
30 35
To slobber, especially on a penis.
Slob on my knob, like corn on the cob.
by FemmeFatale June 22, 2005
110 115