a hot mess, drunken disaster
Chyna was a slob last night. She made out with a beast, dropped her phone in the toilet, and passed out in her own puke and shit.
by Jessica40 April 07, 2007
Soggy Loaf Of Bread........Derogatory term used to disrespect the hardest gangstaz in the world.
Crab nigga: "Fuck yall Soggy Loaf Of Bread slob ass niggas,"
B-Dogg: "Fuck you ya lil cheese side K-rab ricket buster,"

by SouthEasy December 28, 2006
(v) To make-out spastically.
So, you wanna come over and slob or something?
by Bro May 13, 2004
a word used for a blood gang memba
a crip might say "that nigga right there reppin that dead color he a straight slob"
by Tateyana June 20, 2005
any fake ass bloods from flemington, feel me f-town
your all fake
by stickyicky March 25, 2003
Short for slobber.
I could tell she'd done this before by the way she was slobbering all over my knob.
by random March 04, 2004
Some shit Krabz say jus to pretend they dont go home erryday just to get fuk'd by their pops.
slob? i dont think so krab mothafukkaa Wh-dup BLOOD. Fuck them Krabz.
by dcalloway March 27, 2007

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