The act of sledding or tobogganing while under the influence of alcohol.
Last Friday, we got loaded and went sloading.
by Vance November 17, 2003
Top Definition
slowly loading webpage
Man, facebook is sloading; I've been waiting 5 minutes to see her full body shot.
by fx422 September 05, 2008
Due to slow connections or lag, stuff takes a long time to load sometimes, causing sloading.
"Check this page out! insert URL here"
"Oh man!"
"It's slooooooading i.e. sloading!"
by Grebmops January 16, 2007
When something loads very slowly.
"My computer is sloading! For fuck's sake!
by alfredopunkin June 28, 2013
When you have limited bandwidth and your internet is slow, the page is taking long to load.
"My internet sucks, It's sloading!"
by NoSteff August 30, 2013
Slow loading; Taking a while to buffer.
Yona Put on a movie on Netflix!

Raff Okay will do, mkayy

Yona What's taking so long?!?!?!?!

Raff Its buffering forever, it must be sloading :(
by Rafael Azari 305 November 06, 2012
When a video on YouTube (or anything else) is loading really slowly.
Caesar: Hey, are we going to watch this video or what?
Fabio: Sorry dude, it's still sloading.
by Commodore Snarky February 08, 2011
A page or video loading at a exasperatingly slow rate.
Dude I got this really cool site to show you. Aw dammit this thing is sloading.
by atgtatooo October 07, 2010
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