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noun - lubricant. A oil, gel, or lotion intended for personal lubrication for sex or masturbation.
"Its getting a little dry, let's use some sliquid."
by croix February 08, 2005
personal lubricunt after it's been refrigerated...slow + liquid = sliquid
he shivered as she squeezed the "sliquid " on 2 his penis
by wichypoo February 03, 2010
Any kind of solid that acts as a liquid.
The sliquid mudslide demolished everything in its path.
by Sir Blumpkin February 10, 2015
a slippery liquid with a viscous texture.
The lubricant is very sliquid.
by Darren September 05, 2003
Sliquid is a combination of the words 'liquid' and 'solid'. It's used when referring to foods that share both consistencies, mainly of the cereal family when combined with milk. Could also be attributed to a melting ice-cream. And vomit if you really want to.
I feel ill after eating this bowl of sliquid cereal.
by richardG September 09, 2010
not quite a solid, but nptauie a liquid therefore a sliquid
by James October 05, 2002
A mixture between solid and liquid, which neither tips towards solid or liquid.
After that donner kebab my ass was spewing sliquid.
by Mark Holmes December 05, 2006
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