Somebody who slings (sells) something, like drugs for instance. Also known as a slanger.
Homie: You the one slingin'?

Slinger: I'm on the way up with regular clients like you dawg!
by Dope Slanger December 01, 2006
Top Definition
A drug dealer. The local pusher.
I got this dope from the slinger down the street.
by Brian March 31, 2005
The formal name for a penis belonging to a shemale.
John: Dude that girl was so hot!
Bob:Yeah man, did you see her bulge? I bet she has a nice slinger too.

Bob: I can't believe that chick turned me down
John: It's cool dude, I bet she didn't even have a slinger.
by BlackAttack27 April 15, 2014
Roadname of a biker known for his root and has a tendency to adorn members of the fairer sex with a clown nose prior to having her orally satisfy him. His demeanor is usually of a quiet gentle type however not uncommon to have women fall prey to his allure and curiosity about his cock. He was lovingly named by a brother after repeatedly sending out photos to his brethren of a coke bottle. Proceed with caution.
Slinger sure can lay some pipe!
by Sun Devil Slinger March 02, 2015
Derives from "gun slinger". A 6f or larger, circle or square of denim, canvas, or burlap with a hole for the wearer's head in the center. Usually woven of black, dark brown, and navy blue threads. Worn over a shirt.
The slinger disguises the gunslinger's movements. It is also often worn over long johns at night as a blanket.
by Marten Fisher November 25, 2006
Slinger also known as a tattoo artist ( Ink Slinger )
If you did tattoo's you might be called an ink slinger.
by g norton aka Slinger Dawg November 07, 2007
when someone can't tell the other person that they love them becuase they are scared of what they will say
"I know I love him, but I"m a slinger."
by tsar June 12, 2006
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