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A vacuous person with no special education, skills, aspirations, or hope of acquiring same, generally construed as belonging to the lowest social class.
I really had no idea what might be found outside the gates when they opened: Mobs of jumped-up slines rushing in with pitchforks or molotovs.
by Jake_s January 08, 2009
S-Line is a 'term' Koreаns use to describe the body's curves. A very good figure when looked at from the side. Best example - Infinite's Sungjong
He's almost got an S-line body!
by chorongie October 05, 2015
The action of making a line or trail of slime.
Alt. The trail or line of slime
The snail slowly slined across the floor.
"WOW look at that massive sline left by a snail"
by Tillyenna April 18, 2009
the angle at which a penis sits at once errect.
1. i totally have a massive tool, but the sline makes it look smaller.
2. we were about to go at it then i saw the massive sline problem the guy had, it was like 90 degrees! i can't sit on that.
by tony beva March 25, 2007
The womans womanly part quite slippary and giny. Also known as the flop.
I'm going to stick you in your sline.
by PPO Saint March 29, 2007
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