When ur friend tries to take ur boyfriend/girlfriend.
nah man, my friend would never try and slide me
by Mandy June 01, 2004
Top Definition
a girl that is known as the neighborhood hoe. someone that just gets used for sexual purposes with no strings attached
neh man i aint go out with her she just a slide
by ilcapo June 05, 2005
slide means to fight,slap,or punch somone
ima slide yo bitch ass
by sacha whitfield October 29, 2005
to leave
Man, it's getting late, i really gotta slide
by Sparki October 06, 2003
To let go of some type of conflict; to excuse an insult.
Even though John dissed Frank, he let it slide and they were still friends.
by Sub Zenyth April 08, 2005
Open air shoes similar to flip-flops; slides, however, have one "hoop" that the foot is slid under to keep the shoes in place.
I couldn't find my flip-flops to wear to the pool; instead I grabbed a pair of slides. They were looser, anyway.
by newagelink June 17, 2005
a bowl shaped piece with a tube attached to the bottom that gets placed into a bong used for smoking marijuana. when a person can no longer suck in air, or hit, the bong it gets taken out to "clear" the bong of all smoke and then gets placed back in for the next person.
Jordan hits the bong like a champ and doesn't have to remove the slide for a long time.
by cmv January 01, 2006
a girl that you can just get up in and leave.basically,a ho
boy1:im bout 2 get on that
boy2;nah boss thats my slide
by luvrrgrl7 May 18, 2009
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